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People and Culture

At Hays we believe that people and culture are at the heart of every successful company. Both are equally important as both play a significant part in how a business performs and in its ultimate success.

Within Hays we take pride in our high performing culture and reward on the merit of your achievements. Developing the careers of our employees and providing an opportunity for personal growth is our priority: promotion criteria and timelines are clearly explained to ensure employees understand how to progress their career – either as a People Manager responsible for coaching and managing their own team, or as a Business Manager responsible for candidate or client relationships and performing at the highest levels. Many people who join us often go on to start new parts of the business, open new markets or take on new challenges that they never expected when they joined!

The People and Culture team all play an important part in supporting this on-going development on a local, national, and global scale to enable you to be the best you can be - from how we attract talent, to the data we collect, to our people policies, to the way we train and develop our people.

We firmly believe in the power of diversity at work and promote an environment where a person can flourish on the strength of their abilities alone. By continuing to work closely with the business and supporting its key objectives, our People & Culture teams are striving to achieve our ultimate goal – which is to be the best recruitment business in the world, for our clients, our candidates, and our employees.


Our greatest asset is our people and the careers of our employees are our priority. Everyone at Hays has their own story of their journey since joining our teams.

Find out more about our people and their Hays story.

Luciana Bengardino

Director | Hays Executive Chile

Pablo Cerón

Team Manager | Hays Chile

Ricardo Reyes

Manager | Hays Mexico

André Ferragut

Senior Manager | Hays Brazil

Fernanda Siquiera

Principal | Hays Executive Brazil

Silvia Carrilo

Senior Consultant | Hays Colombia

Sonia Jaramillo

Manager | Hays Colombia

Luciana Bengardino

Luciana is currently in charge of Hays Executive in Chile.

I studied human resources in Argentina thinking that I was going to work as a human resources manager. When I moved to Chile, by chance, I started to work at a global recruitment firm, and I remember I started to work in a 360 role without that much competition in the industry – back then there were very few multinational recruitment firms and the local competition was also very scarce. Because of this I had the chance to develop into a 360 role with very little competition and it was a bit easier to develop new markets and make a name for yourself back then. I was able to develop the logistics market and was considered a pioneer in that sense, and was able to position myself in the market as a reference in that sector.

A few months into the role I started to notice that I liked the commercial aspect, although I was very quiet and shy. My boss back then said to me one day that if I didn’t start selling soon there would be consequences, so after several weeks of working extremely hard and meeting with many different clients, I remember that after meeting with a certain logistics company, I left that meeting with 17 positions and that gave me the confidence I needed to continue.

A few years later there was a boom in recruitment firms thanks to the healthy economy of the Chilean market and the competition started to get fierce. That is when I started to realize that keeping a high volume in interviews and meetings and growing your network is the main thing that keeps your business going strong.

A few tips that I have learned throughout the years and would like to share are:

1. Trust your instincts – in this business there will always be highs and lows, your gut instinct will help you deal with clients and difficult situations.
2. Maintain your confidence when times get tough, be certain that hard work always pays off.
3. Have a real passion in whatever it is that you do and you will be successful.

What challenges will you be facing this next year? I want to reinforce our brand and make HAYS Executive the first option for Executive Search in the market, and at the same time build and develop a team that will continue to mature our division and enhance our reputation.

I would also love to transfer my knowledge and experience to the rest of the company, and become an inspirational leader who people can turn to for advice and support. My drivers are Transparency, Passion and Excellence - they help me focus and serve as a guide for everything that I do.

Under Luciana´s leadership, HAYS Executive has grown to be one of the most profitable divisions in HAYS Chile. HAYS Executive currently helps organizations select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy.

Luciana brings hands-on experience to her current position as a Divisional Director, having worked in the recruitment industry for a total of 10 years, in a variety of positions ranging from Consultant to Director in several scopes and industries.

Pablo Cerón

Pablo is responsible for Life Sciences and IT team across Chile.

Tips on being a successful recruiter

I started my career at Hays in Santiago-Chile in May 2017 as an Associate Consultant. After two and a half years, I am Team Manager 2 specialties in Chile - Life Sciences and IT. During all this time, I have had the possibility to meet great people, learning a lot from them, listening their way of working, recruiting and leading work teams. In addition, all this time I have recruited profiles of the health area and since this month (November), I have the opportunity to lead the IT area, which is a very important step in my career, because I think it’s an area with a big potential to develop and leading more people.

I will give some advises that you would like to know if you are thinking to start a career as a recruiter:

1. Be an expert
If you become an expert in your market or specialism, it would be much easier for you to understand you candidates and clients needs, thus you will be able to help them. To find out if you are a real expert in your market, try to answer these questions:
• Who are the main companies in my market? In Pharma we have: Grunenthal, Axon Pharma, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Fresenius Kabi and for the other hand in Medical Device we have companies like Siemens Healthineers, Medtronic, Ortho Clinical Diagnostic, Stryker, Drager.
• What are the challenges that these companies are facing today? In Pharma, we have some companies that works with the intern team to recruit people and they don’t use extern services, in other cases they works with lids with a duration of 2 years. In Medical Devices the market in Chile is very small because a lot of multinational companies works by distributors, so this kind of company are family companies and their structure is very small and they don’t have enough budget, clearly we have some exceptions.
• What challenges these companies will be facing during the next year? We are hoping to participate in the bids to attack them and also with the actual situation in Chile maybe we will change some laws, so the companies now are very frozen budget and they are waiting some solutions to do some changes and contract new people.
• What are the profiles that these companies will need to beat their targets? In Pharma, the main positions: Product Mangers (specialties), District Manager, Business Unit Manager, Sales Representative and some positions of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. In Medical Devices, they are hiring positions like Product Specialist, Sales Representative, Specialist Application, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager.

2. Know your candidates
During my experience in Hays, I have started a new business from the beginning, when i started I didn’t know anything about the market (Clients/Candidates), so my strategic was interview a lot of candidates to learn about the market. After that, it's very important to visit all the costumers and you can talk the same language with them, make a good work, find the correct people and then you have the loyal customer.

3. Have fun!
It is important to meet your candidates, make buckets to convert in expert of the industry and then you offer to your costumer a very good service and experience and also some candidates can be a future client, you also can find a future candidate in a client. To be success it’s very important be near to the candidates and generate a lot confidence, because they are very important to develop of the business.

Ricardo Reyes

Ricardo is Manager at Hays México.

What motivates me to work at Hays every day?

I still remember that January 5, 2015, excited for my first day of work and for a new challenge, but without the slightest idea that I was about to change the lives of more than 100 people in the next 3.5 years I would complete in the company. The fact that I know that daily I have the opportunity to help someone find a new professional challenge, that leads him to satisfy his personal and professional goals, is just what motivates me to continue with this project called Hays.

I enjoy interacting with people, maybe for that reason I always liked to participate in the extracurricular activities of the school and my first job was to assist patients with cardiac devices. Today I have that same possibility to interact with many people (clients and candidates) every day, from whom I always take some new learning and also I have the opportunity to help them in different aspects; apart from the knowledge I learned about new medical devices in the market.

 "Improving is changing and being part of that change makes me feel a better person"

André Ferragut

André is responsible for Engineering, Supply Chain, IT & Life Sciences team across São Paulo office. 

Tips on being a successful recruiter 

After four years of a technical career in Engineering and Supply Chain, recruitment became my new passion in 2011 – and ever since HAYS supported me in each challenge I´ve faced during almost Seven years in the company. 

From learning the basics about candidate´s interviews to implementing commercial strategy to my daily routine, my goal as a newcomer to the recruitment business was to become the consultant with the largest candidate database in the country, focused on developing relationships across the engineering market. A full fiscal year later and 817 candidate interviews after that, I was the consultant in Brazil with the largest number of interviews. 

The growth to Senior Consultant happened during my third fiscal year in the company, when I was also the second top biller in all Brazil´s operations – an excellent recognition for all the hard work and positive attitude that have always been my two primary focuses.

Later on, during my first year managing a trainee consultant in Campinas, I was invited in 2015 to a leadership position in the largest office in Brazil – a big step in terms of joining a highly competitive and dynamic market. Ever since, 
I´ve been the Manager of Engineering and Supply Chain expertises in São Paulo, growing our team with excellent results in terms of profitability and reputation. 

Here are my 5 Tips on being a successful recruiter: 

1) Activity drives Productivity: This must be every recruiter´s mantra during the good months and the bad ones. Recruitment is a cyclic business, and we have to find self-motivation to keep trying harder and pushing our limits even when things don´t go exactly as we expected. 

2) Everything is connected: Your relationship with every candidate can be the most genuine form of commercial activity – you just have to know how to show that both parties can benefit from the trusting relationship started in the interview room. 

3) Self Awareness is the Key: Knowing what you do best and also what you like the most about our business is the first step of investing your time accordingly. When you achieve great results with the activities you´re better at, longevity is a natural consequence. 

4) Be truly open to reinventing yourself: The best recruiters I´ve known constantly innovate their way on doing things based on listening to others. Working in an open space is the best way of learning best practices and it´s only up to you to start absorbing all the information that happens around your desk. 

Fernanda Siqueira

Fernanda is responsible for Hays Executive Brasil & LATAM.

Tips on being a successful recruiter.

To be a successful recruiter, we need first to have a lot of resilience and focus on pursuing our targets.

I've been working at Hays for 11 years, since the startup and I have always understood why there are KPIs.

This improves our performance and also our way of organizing. The word resilience was the first thing I learned and then I understood its real meaning.

As we deal with people, we need to be prepared for what can happen and for the dynamism that takes place.

On the other hand, over time I also understood that there is a way to minimize some risks and deal with changing situations. Another pillar that has always been important in my career was getting to know the market, interviewing good candidates and also doing business on a constant basis.

Once I understood that everything is connected, it made it easier for me and for my work and left me able to work on more strategic positions.

Interviews help us meet bright people, amazing stories and also identify multiple market leads. Commercial activity enables us to understand the diverse cultures, decision makers and also, the market will start to know Hays.

Finally, focus and efficiency in execution helps us to balance activities and achieve financial targets. The last ingredient is to never give up. Our performance is a box of surprises, but very rewarding and promising.

Silvia Carrillo

Silvia is a Consultant recruiting for Sales & Marketing roles.

Why I love recruiting in Sales & Marketing 

My story at Hays began less than two years ago, when I received the call confirming that I had been selected as an Associate Consultant for Sales & Marketing specialism, for FMCG and Retail industries.

When I started at Hays I did not have much knowledge of recruitment in this specialty, however as time passed and I was getting to know the market, and at the same time, I was becoming more and more passionate about my work and to get to know more experts in these industries.

Recruiting specifically for FMCG and retail sectors, is incredible, because we are in contact with them every day. It's impossible to spend a day without being in contact with the work of marketing experts, because they are present in all places and media (television, radio, internet, billboards, among others). For me is very interesting to go to a supermarket and know the stories of the products, know what was the strategy developed to generate the need in consumers to buy this products.

I love recruiting profiles for S&M, because they are key on making any company successful, without them, a product or service could not be in the lives of consumers. All companies have sales and marketing departments to generate the maximum amount of money and continue to survive in today's competitive and changing market.

I feel very proud of being capable of changing the lives of people and also companies, to be the person who brings to these companies the best talents, which are undoubtedly key to their growth and sustainability.

Sonia Jaramillo

Sonia is Manager for Engineering, Supply Chains & constructions roles.

I started my career at HAYS in December 2012; when the arrival of HAYS in Colombia was news throughout the country and especially for those of us who were competitors, (my case); since I worked as a Senior Consultant in another Recruitment company. One day I received the call from the person who at that time was the MD of Colombia; who invited me to an interview. This generated me a great expectation and I attended without being sure to make the change; but I did not want to miss the opportunity to meet the great player who had arrived in Colombia. That first encounter with HAYS changed my perspective of Recruitment, because from the first interview I understood the importance that they gave to the candidate and I could see the great challenge that was coming and how big this could be and I said: "I have to be part of this! "So; I went through all the interview phases and joined this company almost from the beginning. I started alone to launch a new unit called Engineering, which is currently composed of 10 people with me and 4 sub divisions (Manufacturing & Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics, Construction & Property and Industrial Sales) I started as a Senior Consultant; I have had 2 promotions, being today Manager and soon Senior Manager. What led me to be successful?.

1. Emotional intelligence / ability to read the other:
For me the key to recruitment is to really understand what the other wants (internal or external client) and find how to satisfactorily fill that need. I think it has happened to many of us that we believe we have the best candidate; but the reality is that the best candidate for my client may be another, so you have to know how to read very well the person who is on the other side. That is why knowing how to listen to the other is key to success. Also interpret all the signals of the environment.

2. Communication and monitoring:
Transparent and clear communication with both; clients and candidates. Keeping track of the two parties throughout the process results in the closure of the process. Having feedback and being in constant communication with your client makes them trust you, making them know that you are interested and working based on their needs. Having a good relationship and communication with your candidate means that he will always prefer you as a brand and be loyal to you and prefer to participate in your searches and not in that of other competitors. This gives you what we call: Process control!

3. Structure:
When you work in recruitment; The quality of your work and organization is a fundamental part, for this you need to follow a clear process that has stages and times that you must comply with discipline. This allows you not to omit details and have the entire record at your command.