"It's all about being a part of a creative and professional team. In case of doubt you can always turn to your manager." Antonina, graduate hire

If you actually joined Hays, what would your first day, your first month, your first year be like? Find out what some of our employees said:

Case study 1: Antonina - Graduate hire
Antonina joined Hays Russia as Database Assistant after graduating from university

What was your state of mind (questions, fears, expectations etc.)?

I thought about my career opportunities, personal development, material and non-material motivation and of course about the corporate culture I will work in.

What was your first day like?

The first day was quite nervous as expected, but I was surrounded with care and attention, my colleagues were very friendly.

What have been the most positive aspects of the job so far?

I’ve got everything I wanted: good environment, where everybody shares experience, possibility of career growth, adequate level of responsibility, frequent trainings (both in English and Russian) 

What have you learned so far?

I learnt a lot of new things but the most valuable is that I understand that I become more expert each day using company’s training tools together with advice from my colleagues and coaching from my supervisor. Using it in my current work I see that it helps me to improve my skills and to reach results.

What are you expecting for the near future?

For the nearest future I’d like to get enough experience to become at least Junior Consultant (to be well-known on the market as a recruiting expert, to have excellent relationships with candidates, clients and colleagues, to have more responsibility and creativity in my daily job). 

Why would you recommend Hays as an employer?

I can recommend Hays without doubts because of company loyalty to its employees, good working environment, excellent corporate values that are shared among the team.

Case study 2: Evgeniy - Expert hire
Eugeniy joined Hays as Junior Consultant, he works in Consumer Electronics and Automotive sub-specialism within Sales & Marketing department.

When did you start?

I joined Hays in spring 2012.

What was your state of mind (questions, fears, expectations etc.)?

Prior to Hays, I worked only in small Russian companies (some of them had teams of 20 people), that is why my main concern was if it will be comfortable for me to be working in a large international environment. 

What was your first day like?

During my first working day I met my colleagues, discovered how the office works and also visited my first weekly Team meeting. I remember that during initial introductions everybody was very positive and open to me. Then I visited Induction Course, which gives an easy, concise and extremely useful overview about the company, held by our internal HR professional who shared lots of things about the company, its history and structure in a simple but at the same time very exciting and engaging way. It was the most memorable experience at the first day.  

What have been the most positive aspects about the job so far?

Experts that surround me and interesting projects. If we talk about the team of my department and the company, this is exactly the type of people with whom I find it most comfortable to work and develop: open, active and ambitious professionals in their field. When I joined Hays my supervisor shared with me the most interesting projects. That made me feel truly great and valued..

What have you learned so far?

As an example, I can mention the training “Tone of Voice”, where I learned how to write job ads in a better way, be it online or print. Using Hays unique method I noticed that the number of relevant applications increased.

What are you expecting for the near future?

New clients and, of course, completed projects.

Why would you recommend Hays as an employer?

I recommend Hays as a great place for professional development in the most comfortable environment. If you are active, ambitious and like recruitment, join us - you will have no regrets!


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