"If I ever hit a problem or need a creative solution, I can turn to my manager." Sophie, graduate hire

If you actually joined Hays, what would you first day, your first month, your first year be like? Find out what some of our employees said:

Case study 1: Sophie - Graduate hire
Sophie has worked as a consultant within our Office Support specialism for just over a year. She joined Hays after gaining an English and Linguistics degree.


I’d never really considered recruiting as a career whilst I was at university. My degree wasn’t focussed around a profession, and by the time I graduated I hadn’t made my mind up what I wanted to do. I wanted a job which would challenge and reward me, but didn’t have a specific idea what I wanted to do.


Whilst I was searching and applying for jobs, I’d registered with Hays as a jobseeker. They offered me an administration role here, but after six weeks they gave me the opportunity to apply to become a consultant. I leapt at the chance! Working here as an administrator had given me the opportunity to get some real insights and experience into the world of recruiting. I also felt pretty confident that I had the right skills.

I was interviewed by the manager of the team I’d be working for, and then had a second interview with our regional director. They are both really good professionals, and in the interviews they gave me lots of opportunities to find out more about the roles here.
It was great when I was offered the job. I knew a career here would be a challenge, but that’s exactly what I wanted!

Day One

There was no messing about. From day one I was in at the deep end. Talking to candidates on the phone. I really felt part of the team from the kick off. The day went so fast I didn’t realise where the time had gone. My manager was with me, helping to train and support me on the job, and the team I work with were also there to help out. I felt really well supported and able to start making an impact.

I pretty quickly got trained up on our IT systems too, keeping track of our clients and candidates is so important, so putting some time in to learn how to do this properly is critical and part of your induction.


I had six days intensive training at our specialised training centre in London*. This was split into two days candidate training, two days business development training and two days on sales writing.
I found the training incredibly useful. It’s Hays specific, so what you learn you can apply to your job the minute you’re back at your desk.

The first two days of candidate training I particularly enjoyed. You learn with a group of twelve other consultants, who came from different offices around the country and were covering different market sectors and specialisms. You role play a lot of different scenarios, and get a lot of insights into the ways other people work.

I’d say the number one thing I got from that initial training was confidence. It recapped on what my manager had already taken me through, but you also learn a lot from the different experiences everyone else has had.I’ve still got my training documents from that course in my desk drawer. They’re a great reference to fall back on.

Three months in

After three months, I felt I was getting into the swing of things. I think by this point I’d developed the basics. I was getting more and more responsibility from my manager. I felt I’d really gelled with the rest of the team. If I need some help any of them would be willing to lend a hand, and I also had access to all our online training and resources.

I continued to receive ongoing training from my manager, and I’d started to really thinking of myself as a Hays Consultant, rather than someone still learning on the job.

Six months

Six months for me was the critical point. I think it takes you that long to make your mark. I felt very confident in my role, I knew I had the right personality to succeed in recruiting, and I’d taken the opportunities here to start building up my own business.
Consultants here get a lot of responsibility early on. So by six months in I was regularly meeting clients at their offices. Although companies often choose to work with Hays because of prior experience or reputation, a lot of our business success comes down to the personal relationship you have with the client or candidate. I’d worked hard on building up these relationships so it was great to see this paying off.

To be frank, it was at this point that I really noticed my income increasing. We’re quite open about the fact we work in a commission driven environment*, and it was around this point that I really noticed that taking off.

Twelve Months

Twelve months at Hays for me was a landmark. I felt really proud of the success I’d achieved. Just looking back and seeing how many people I’ve found work for, how many companies I can call clients, I realised how much progress I’d made. That’s powering the world of work!

The future

The opportunities here are fantastic. I’m transferring to one of our main offices in London soon, I’m really looking forword to that! I’ve worked really hard since I joined Hays. This isn’t the kind of place where you can just sit around and wait for things to happen. The other side to that is if you want to succeed, there’s nothing holding you back. You don’t need permission to make progress here!

Case study 2: Tina - Expert hire

Tina has worked as a Senior Consultant in our Accountancy and Finance specialism for nearly two years. She joined Hays after previously working for another recruitment firm. Prior to that, she worked within the HR department of a medical organisation.


Having spent the previous two years working in recruitment, I obviously knew a bit about Hays. I’d actually first worked with them when I had a job in an HR department. I used Hays as my preferred supplier of staff then. I’d always found them very professional, I had a great relationship with the team at the time.

So Hays was top of my list when I was looking to make a move in my career. I liked the sound of the structure of the company compared to my current employer. It sounded like you could move pretty quickly with the amount of opportunities they had, both locally and globally. If you need to relocate, which was something I was considering at the time, the number of Hays offices around the world means you have a greater opportunity to develop your career in the same company.


I had two interviews to get the role here. I met the hiring manager and the regional director on the same day. The interviews were really relaxed. They knew from my CV if I had the experience for the role, I think they were sounding me out to see if I’d fit in the team here. Interviews are obviously two way conversations, and I just felt I’d fit right in here.

Day 1

I’m still working with the same team of people I met on day one here. I felt straight at home when I met them, and they’re my best friends.
I received a lot of on the job training and support from my manager to make sure I was up to speed with the IT systems here, to help me get on and do my job. I know if ever I hit a problem, or need a creative solution, I can turn to my manager or the team I work with for help. That’s very reassuring.


I started a training course soon after I arrived which was split up into a day a week over six weeks.* The training was pretty intense, but in a good way. With my previous experience, I already knew some of what we went through, but there were a lot of new ideas to pick up on. Obviously learning about the Hays brand is very important, and you learn about the Hays way of doing things.

You train with people from different parts of the business, you’re all thrown in together which makes it a lot of fun too! Lots of role playing and group activities. You’re not just sat there listening to someone, you get really involved.

Three months in

After being at Hays for three months, I felt really confident. I’d done the training, I knew the company really well, and I could just get on with my career. We’re incentivised to work hard here, but it’s not ridiculous. I’d say that after three months I’d found the right balance.

One of the big differences between working here and for my previous employer, was the power of the Hays brand. It’s very reassuring to know the scale of the company I work for, and how that can help to bring in business.

After twelve months

Looking back on my first year, the things I’d pick up on are the autonomy I have here to get on and do my job. There’s no politics, you’re free to get on with what you’re paid to do. I’m responsible for my workload, and though I might not go as far as to say I run my own business here, that does feel true to some degree. That’s a very empowering thing to have, and one of the key reasons I love working here so much.

Recently some of the senior managers for Hays visited our office, including the UK Managing Director. They were really interested in what everyone had to say, and we had a lot of discussions around the company, and how it will develop. We’ve been told we can email them with any feedback we have, so I might just do that. It’s great to have a company take so much interest in what the employers have to say.

*Training at Hays varies by location and prior level of experience.
*The pay and commission structure at Hays varies by location.

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