There is no typical profile of a successful employee at Hays - so what do we look for?

We employ people with diverse work and life experiences: from recent graduates from all disciplines through to expert sales people, engineers, accountants and lawyers.

There are however, certain qualities and competencies that are common amongst our top performers, whether consultants or working within our support staff: passion for their work, desire to build and share their expertise, determination to be the best, drive to exceed targets and commitment to exceptional customer service. We are most interested in who you are and the attitude you bring to work every day.

Our internal company culture is fast-paced and dynamic. At Hays, we grow our own, and describe our culture as a meritocracy, a high performance culture that promotes and rewards individuals based on the merit of their performance. As the leading recruiting experts, we have high expectations of our people and invest heavily in their learning and development.

Our company values determine the attitude, skills and qualities we look for in all our people.

Do you think you could fit in here?

You are an expert - or an aspiring expert - in a particular industry or profession. You are keen to share your know-how with others. You are efficient, but never at the expense of quality.

You are positive, open-minded and able to see the bigger picture. You are motivated to deliver results, driven by a desire to help others and good at spotting opportunities for growth and improvement.

You are known for taking an active interest in the world outside, particularly new developments within your area of expertise and their potential impact. You are good at asking smart questions that uncover the right answers. You are always digging deeper to improve your understanding of a person or situation and you are adept at tailoring a solution to fit the needs of the individual.

Passionate about people
You are motivated by the knowledge that your work makes a difference to people’s lives. You are an empathetic, active listener, skilled at building trust and long-term relationships and are a collaborative team player.

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