We are fully aware of the role that we play in society.

The role of our business is to help organisations find the right people who can make the difference and to help candidates find their next career step, the one that can change their lives. We take this role very seriously; not only because this helps our business forward, but also because it is an important and responsible role within our society.

In order to add even more impact to its social role, Hays also supports a number of good causes worldwide. In so doing we are primarily looking for possibilities to create employment and opportunities for the underprivileged in society. We are convinced that, with our knowledge and experience, we can definitely make a contribution here.   
Although our activity per se has little effect on the environment, as a global player we also want to constantly strive for processes that respect the environment and reduce pollution. The objective is always to minimise our environmental impact.
We also understand that our own green initiatives by themselves are not enough to make the difference. We therefore extend this to contracts, so that an environmentally-sensitive procurement system also influences the working methods of our suppliers. In this way, we want our contracts to positively influence their green behaviour.

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