Our internal business culture is fast and dynamic and contains a number of values that we strive to fulfil in everything we do. They serve as motivation and inspiration in our day-to-day work.


Hays adopts a professional attitude on every level. Given that we are experts in several sectors and specialised areas, our clients, our candidates and our worldwide network can benefit from our extensive know-how and knowledge of the job market.
What we offer:
-          A growing culture with a complete focus on merit.
-          World-class training programmes that support you in the ​​development of your own expertise and commercial insight.
What we expect:
-          A commitment to growth and proof of your specialised knowledge.
-          The ability to further develop our competitive advantage thanks to your professional service and expert advice.
A passion for people
We attach great importance to developing a high-quality relationship with all those we collaborate with. Our enthusiasm must be a source of inspiration for people´s lives and work. In this way we enable candidates and clients to bring out the best in themselves.
What we offer:
-          A work place where client and candidate are always central.
-          A collaboration with a view to growth and improvement.
-          Coaching that encourages the development of strong professional relationships based on trust andmutual understanding.
-          Working for a company that wants to make a positive difference for society. For example, among other things we work together with good causes that are relevant for our core business and we give workshops and advice to our network.
What we expect:
-          A focus on the perfect match and a sincere wish to help people and companies in their further development.
-          The ability to build up the loyalty and trust of clients thanks to strong professional relationships.
-          Finding the right solutions by listening and responding to individual needs.
We are curious and want to follow the market closely. Thanks to this attitude, we get to know more about our clients and our candidates, and we can figure out how they can make the fullest use of their potentials.
What we offer:
-          The freedom to personally assume responsibility for your own work, learning curve and development.
-          Clear possibilities for development and an individual development plan.
-          Advanced systems, resources and technology that help you do your work in an optimal way.  
What we expect:
-          Giving advice that encourages sales by establishing contacts and analysing individual needs.
-          The ability to listen and ask the right questions so to obtain insight.
-          A general and active eagerness to learn that helps you to back up your views.

It´s the result that counts. We invest in our employees, clients and candidates because we know how important a recruitment and a job can be for them.
What we offer:
-          Efforts are rewarded. Along with financial rewards, we also ensure personal satisfaction in the attainment of company results, when you help others to succeed or when you dare to make a lasting impact.
-          Excellent development possibilities for people with passion and drive.
What we expect: 
-          Inexhaustible energy and a dynamic, positive approach.
An innate drive to succeed and to obtain results for Hays and our clients.

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