How we create leaders

Training and development of consultants
Our training programme builds on your knowledge of sales and recruitment so you can achieve a long-term and fascinating career in which you can make maximum use of your skills.

The consultant training at Hays is generally recognised as the best within the sector. Our training ensures an efficient learning curve, regardless of your background, so you really become an expert in recruitment. We strive for your success, and therefore we support your development with formal class, one-to-one and on-the-job training courses. This process is adapted according to your position, evolution and learning needs.

The recruitment industry is a demanding sector. Our environment offers change and challenge to all of our employees. Are you a person with talent and with the ambition to develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients? Do you want to help build people’s careers? Do you want to contribute to the success of your team? Then a wealth of personal growth and developmental possibilities are open for you.

Management development
We provide a management training for everyone who evolves towards a managerial role, as a Team Leader or functional manager. Our custom-tailored programmes combine practical training and joint sessions, so that the theoretical framework is tested very concretely against reality.

Leadership development
We have developed programmes in collaboration with leading economic universities and their faculties. Our Advanced Management Programme deals with strategic, financial and people management.

Our Senior Leadership Programme is taught in economic universities throughout the world. It combines project work with the most authoritative modules on strategic, financial, organisation and people management. Moreover, all of this is applied to a real-life project. 


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