After 2 years of working within the recruitment world, naturally I had already heard about Hays. I had even already worked together with them during a previous job in an HR department. They were my principal external recruitment partner at that time, and they always did highly professional work. So I had good relations with the Hays team.

Hays was therefore at the top of my list when I was looking for a new challenge. I certainly liked the structure of the company. It looked as if I could develop both locally and internationally. So there would be a real chance that I could pursue my career internationally within the same company.

I had several interviews. I met both the HR Manager and the Regional Director, but I also got a chance to become acquainted with the colleagues and the Team Leader in advance. The interviews were very pleasant. They had noted in my CV that I already had sufficient experience to take on this role. For both parties it was very important to consider how well I would fit in on the team. I quickly got the feeling that I would feel comfortable here.

After my very first working day I immediately felt at home. From the start I received lots of on-the-job training. The starters coach and my manager supervised me so that I quickly became familiar with the IT systems so as to be able to do my job properly. I knew that I could rely on my coach, manager or colleagues if there was a problem or if I needed a creative solution. A reassuring thought that gave me even more drive!

The starters coach accompanied me and another new colleague during an intense training programme of 4 full days. There were certain things I already knew, but I also received a lot of innovative ideas. I learned about Hays and the way it approaches things. The necessary role-playing exercises made the whole thing enjoyable and interactive.

Thanks to the Induction Programme I was fully ready to participate in the Critical Knowledge Exam. One of the major differences between my work at Hays and at my previous employer is the power of the brand and the values. I find it reassuring to be able to work for such a large company that really makes a difference.

My training at Hays continued. In the meantime I had completed the follow-up to my Assessment & Accreditation Programme. In a second phase, after the necessary training, I was tested on the methodologies that I apply in the recruitment cycle. During a last phase I got the chance to convince my management of my own personal business plan. They listened, suggested improvements, answered my questions and afterwards were altogether ready to accompany me in my proposed initiatives. Motivating!

When I look back on my first year at Hays, I´m above all inspired by the fact that I can do my work here so independently. You could almost say that I’m running my own small business within this larger entity, and in this way I’m helping to build up the brand and the world of talent.

We very recently received a visit from the senior management of Hays. They were highly interested in what everyone had to say. It really feels good to work for a company that has such an interest in its employees.

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