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How long will it take before I get a response to my application?
We seek to answer each applicant within a reasonable period, but keep in mind that it can take a while because we receive many applications.
Can I apply for positions in several countries at the same time?
Yes, but make sure that the recruitment manager is informed of this at the time of your application.   
How many interviews may I expect?
This will depend on the type and the level of the position you are applying for.
You can always expect an interview with your direct manager, a senior manager and HR.
How long will it take before I hear whether my candidacy was selected after an interview?
You may expect that we will communicate to you a concrete date at the end of the interview. We sometimes receive very many applications for the same position, as a result of which it can take some time before you get news. If you haven´t received any news at the agreed time, then certainly do not hesitate to contact us.
If I was not selected for a position at Hays, can I later apply at Hays once again?
Definitely. We do advise you to ask about why your candidacy was not selected initially. Before you apply once again, it is important to know for yourself what you can change in order to increase the chances of success.    
I noticed that Hays is an English company. Will I have to speak English fluently in order to be able to work at Hays?
If perfect knowledge of English is a requirement, this will always be mentioned in the job description.

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